Transcending Colour Chemistry

Praharit Pigments, uniting you with colours, since its inception, is an ever evolving pigment manufacturing company, established by the Ganesh Group of Industries which is one of the most reputed groups in industries for its growth and sustainability.

Praharit, has been a prestigious manufacturer of pigments in India and has been prominent in global markets as a noted producer and supplier in a very short span of time. Supplying to paints, plastics, inks, rubbers, textile and other applications, Praharit is committed to doing business ethically and with transparency in communication. With technological expertise and high value-in-use we offer the advantage of two different worlds – why settle for anything less?

Pigment Green Series

Praharit has speicality and expertise in Green Series and we utilize 85% of the Jhaghadia Plant for production and research in Green.

Pigment Blue Series

CPC Blue (Crude Pigment Blue 15) , Pigment Alpha Blue (Blue 15:0 and Blue 15:1) and Pigment Beta Blue (Blue 15:3 and Blue 15:4) from the Blue series are manufactured at both of our sites – Ankleshwar & Jhaghadia.


Phthalocyanine Pigments have wide range of applications. We have specialised grade for each application and have optimized manufacturing processes for each application.

Infrastructure is a key driver

for the Quality pigments, we believe, we’ve implemented.

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