Pigments with Certified FPV (Filter Pressure Value) for Textiles and Fiber

Phthalocyanine Green Pigments for Viscose Fibers to Additive for Carpets

Our select pigment range from PRAVRTM Pigments have Filter Pressure Value (FPV) less than 2 allows them to be applied to fibers. We analysed microscopic view of PP fiber spin dyed by using our select pigments and was found extraordinarily well suited for the spin dyeing of fibers. 

Achieving High Quality through Low Filter Pressure Values

Pigments with filter pressure values of < 2 bar/g are considered tobe very well, < 1 bar/g to be extraordinarily well suited for spin-dyeing. The PRAVRTM GREEN 3811 pigments from the range has achieved excellent values. Some of reputed clients of Praharit Pigments LLP are takingadvantage of this technological improvement – with the PRAVRTM pigments from Praharit!

Key attributes & features:

Easy dispersion for low FPV

High strength

Superior Lightfastness

Excellent Heat fastness

REACH registered products