Chinacoat-2018 for Pigments & Coating – Review by Mr. Ramesh Padshala

Chinacoat-2018 for Pigments & Coating – Review by Mr. Ramesh Padshala

During my career in coating industry I have visited Chinacoat many times but for this time the marketing focus and enthusiasm related it was bit on higher side. The 23rd China international Paint exhibition,2018 Guangzhou Paint Exhibition, which brings together well-known suppliers and purchasers in the global industry, was a good platform to look for business opportunities, exchange knowledge and experience, discuss ongoing industry trends and find reliable and suitable partners in business.

China-Coat 2018 "China international paint exhibition" was once again exhibited in Guangzhou in 2018, which is an Industrial exhibition that paint, ink and pigment manufacturing industries insiders must visit!

China-Coat has been serving the industry for more than 20 years and has been committed to bringing to the global audience the full range of raw materials, technologies of production/packaging, equipment anddevices for the production of paints and inks, as well as relevant solutions and management systems in accordance with the requirements of current environmental protection laws and regulations.

Benefit from the three-day exhibition:

The exhibition gathers professional exhibitors from all over the world to provide an international procurement and trade platform for the audience.
Keep abreast of industry development trends and policy trends, collect the latest technology, products and market information.
Participated in technical exchange activities (including academic conferences, technical training courses, technical lectures and new technology world, etc.) in the same period, understood the challenges faced by the industry, and strengthened interpersonal network and cognition of the industry.

Praharit’s focus for Chinacoat 2018 was:

Promotion of Organometallic Pigment Green 7 for paints, inks, coatings and plastic applications (CI No. 74260). 
Promotion of High Performance Phthalocyanine Pigment Green 36 for Coatings (CI No. 74265). 
Packaging requirements by clients, delivery and supply chain solutions for our products
REACH and other Regulatory Amendments required by the clients
Scheduled meetings and and sample exchange for the pigments
Collaborations with technology & engineering solutions provider
       Collaborations with Exporters and Suppliers