At Praharit Pigments, we are focused and dedicated to our schedule Researches and Analysis to the point of developing ideas and re-innovating processes to benefit the organization.

We maintain our fully equipped Research and Development laboratory and we make sure all international quality regulations are strictly adhered to. We have a separate modern testing facility conforming to international standards with dedicated testing lab for raw-material and in-process. This ensures that our customers receive the same quality of pigment every time.

Cost Effectiveness

Our experts are always in search of cost effective route so that we can reduce process time or alternative raw material.

Best Quality

Praharit Pigments has improved quality of each pigments delivered under its brand through continuous research and implementation.

Application Variability

Our facilities at Praharit Pigments allows us to conduct comprehensive application testing for specific applications.

Analytical laboratory is well equipped with modern instruments like Twin roll mill, Vibroshaker, Dyno mill and Sigma Mixer. We are well equipped with different types of high tech machineries to conduct comprehensive application testing in specific applications of Inks, Paints and Plastics and to conduct specific application testing as per customers test method.

We have NABL-certified facility to test all listed PCDD/F, PCB congeners and HCB content, State-of- art facility and skilled manpower to analyze trace impurities. We are capable to analyze all types of sample matrix using different methods and operations.